WORLD KOMBUCHA Kombucha Starter Kits  

All kits contain live, liquid kombucha culture. The instruction sheet is illustrated and easy to follow. Kits are shelf-stable, with a one-year expiration date. Making kombucha at home is fun and easy. Made in the USA. 

                                                                                              $9.75 per unit

                                                                             $117.  per case of 12



      Black Tea Starter Kit            864083000285
      Mango Black Tea Kit            864083000261
      Coconut Green Tea Kit         864083000278
      Ginger Lemon Green Kit       864083000292

ONE-GALLON KITS - Contains organic tea, 1 organic culture packet, and instructions.          
Add your own sugar. Case dimension: 12x10x6"  12 kits per case 8.5 lb. case weight

ONE-GALLON KITS - Come in four flavors: Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Coconut Green Tea,

and Ginger Lemon Green Tea. Mixed Cases are OK. 

                   $684      Shipping Carton: 6 cases - 72 units       Shipping Carton Weight: 59 lb.
                   $3556   1/3 Pallet: 32 cases - 384 units            1/3 Pallet Weight: 336 lb.
                   $7042    2/3 Pallet: 64 cases- 768 units             2/3 Pallet weight: 624 lb.
                   $10454  Full Pallet: 96 cases - 1152 units         Full Pallet weight: 896 lb. 

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