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Let's produce a kombucha culture kit with your brand. We make it quick and easy. Your designer or ours. Pre-printed pouches, or we stock poly pouches, flat poly bags, and kraft coffee bags for in-house labeling. We have extensive export, product development, and compliance experience. We know how to get kombucha culture products to market and keep production costs in check. 

Our kits are USDA certified, these labels can be applied to brown paper kraft coffee bags, flat clear poly bags, stand up pouches or gusseted flat bottom colored poly bags.

We can co-pack your kits in our facility and ship them to your distribution centers anywhere in the world. Or we can ship culture packets to your facility for packing in your retail package. 

Call, text, or Whatsapp today. I personally handle new co-pack clients and insure your project is ready on time and on budget.

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