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Our Tradition Kits and E-Commerce Kit Labels

Contain one 8.8 fl oz live liquid kombucha culture packet, one .9 oz tea bag, and a complete instruction sheet. 

Black Tea

Jasmine Green Tea

Ginger Lemon Green Tea

Blueberry Green Tea 

Coconut Green Tea

Mango Black Tea.


Each kit makes one gallon and the culture can be reused to make hundreds of gallons. 

WK MMYO 1-up NO USDA Black 321_Web.jpg
WK MMYO 1-up NO USDA Ging 321_Web.jpg
WK MMYO 1-up NO USDA Jas 321_Web.jpg
WK MMYO 1-up NO USDA Coco 321_Web.jpg
WK MMYO 1-up NO USDA Mango 321_Web.jpg

The Pink Culture Kits -

We invented these kits and they are available only at World Kombucha.


Each kit make 2 quarts and contain two 5.5 fluid oz live pink kombucha packets. Pink kombucha culture is brewed with grape, apple, lemon juice, sugar, and kombucha culture. Mix one 5.5 oz packet with one quart of your favorite fruit juice. No tea or sugar is required. 

The Fruit Juice Kombucha Kit

makes extraordinarily delicious kombucha. Most people tested prefer the taste of fruit juice kombucha to traditional tea-based kombucha. 

The Kombucha Vinegar Kit makes crisp, sharp, real, all fruit vinegar. Most commercial vinegars are made with inexpensive ingredients and are rush processed. Your vinegar will be made with your favorite high end juice and slow brewed. It may be the best vinegar you ever tasted. 

WK MMYO 1-up NO USDA Juice 321_Web.jpg
WK MMYO 1-up NO USDA Vin 321_Web.jpg
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