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Producers of kombucha culture since 2007.  We pioneered producing kombucha culture for the retail market. World Kombucha is a woman-owned business

Our mission is helping folks make great kombucha at home and teach the value of creating delicious probiotic-rich products for pennies a serving. 


In 2017,  we added Kombucha Vinegar Culture to our line. It’s our proprietary culture grown in apple, grape, and lemon juice. Use it to make delicious easy-to-make vinegar or to make kombucha made of pure fruit juice. It’s caffeine-free and very low in sugar. 


In 2023 we added Jun Culture to our line. Jun is a lightly tart, floral cultured drink you make at home with green tea and honey. Easy to make as kombucha. Perfect for those who prefer honey as a sweetener.

Reach out to us to carry our products in your stores,  or to create a kombucha culture kit with your brand. We have extensive co-packing and export experience and currently ship to 6 countries.

Phyllis Abbott

Founder / Owner
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