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We make the world's best kombucha starter kits

3 types of Kombucha Starter Kits: 

Contains teabag, 1 live culture packet, and instructions.

Add your own sugar.

The One Gallon Kit is available in 4 flavors.


Contains 2 live culture packets and instructions.

Add your own tea and sugar.

The best choice if you'll only carry one SKU.



Each kit contains 2 live culture packets and instructions.

Add one packet to a one-quart jar of fruit juice.

These are World Kombucha exclusives. 

Our brand name options:

Maui Make Your Own Kombucha
World Kombucha


Four package options:

1/2 lb. kraft paper bag

6X8 flat clear poly bag

clear poly pouch

colored poly pouch



Phyllis Abbott Founder/Owner

                                                       Wholesale prices 


Prices are the same for World Kombucha or Maui brand, Kraft Paper Bag, flat poly bag, or flat-bottom poly bag. Prices are reduced by 25% for customer-supplied packaging. 

$117.  per case of 12   no MOQ   $9.75 per unit

                                                                  $108.  per case     32 cases MOQ  $9.00 per unit

                                                                  $  97.   per case  96 cases MOQ  $8.08 per unit


      Black Tea Starter Kit            864083000285
      Mango Black Tea Kit            864083000261
      Coconut Green Tea Kit         864083000278
      Ginger Lemon Green Kit       864083000292

      Jasmine Green Tea Kit.         864083000209

      Blueberry Green Tea Kit.      864083000261

ONE-GALLON KITS - Contains organic tea, 1 organic culture packet, and instructions.          
Add your own sugar. Case dimension: 12x10x6"  12 kits per case 8.5 lb. case weight

 Come in four flavors: Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Coconut Green Tea,

and Ginger Lemon Green Tea. Mixed Cases are OK. 

                   $684      Shipping Carton: 6 cases - 72 units       Shipping Carton Weight: 59 lb.
                   $3456   1/3 Pallet: 32 cases - 384 units            1/3 Pallet Weight: 336 lb.
                   $6912    2/3 Pallet: 64 cases- 768 units             2/3 Pallet weight: 624 lb.
                   $9308  Full Pallet: 96 cases - 1152 units         Full Pallet weight: 896 lb. 


All kits contain live, liquid kombucha culture. Kits are shelf-stable, with a one-year expiration date. Made in the USA

World Kombucha at Whole Foods Maui
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